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All WAG Weapons come with the following attributes:
1. Unlimited Ammo
2. 1000x Headshot Multiplier
3. 0 Camera Shake
4. 0 Recoil


You get 2 Weapon Tokens that enable you to craft any of the weapons below.
The weapons can also be put in a deconstructor, which will break down into the Token.
You can then re-craft into another one.  So you can try them all and use your 2 favorites!  Or decon/recraft as many times as you like to use different kinds!


You also get 2 Tool Tokens.  These can be used to craft the WAG Drill and WAG Multitool.


WAG_AR-15  (Assault Rifle) 1,000m range
WAG_Street_Sweeper (Automatic Shotgun)
WAG_Thumper (Assault Rifle over Grenade Launcher)
WAG_SAW (Minigun)
WAG_BBQ (Flamethrower)
WAG_P90 (Submachinegun) Full Auto or Semi Auto based on right click.

WAG_MultiTool (Unlimited ammo, super long range, one shot all blocks, one shot repair)

WAG_Drill  (4 radius--means 8 diameter, 20m range, one shot all terrain/ore types.  Enhanced micro drill option for better fine drill control.)

Get locked and loaded today!

WAG Weapons

  • Wicked Awesome Gaming will provide you with another weapon in the event yours is broken, unusable, or lost.  Abusing this warranty will lead to a server ban.  Insurance fraud is a crime and we will send the Zirax after you.

  • These items are guaranteed per 'season'.  They are guaranteed through accidental server issues that cause a wipe, game issues that cause a wipe, or any other unexpected wipe.

    A 'season' is defined as a planned wipe/start over.  As of now, we only plan to do 1 maybe 2 of these per year, if that many at all.

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