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Welcome to the WAG series of mystery crates. 
Although it's not a complete mystery, the surprise is in which crate will you get!

With this donation, you will receive one of 3 WAG Weapon Crates.  They are listed below.

When an admin in game tells you to, you will type in game chat /wag_crate 1 10

That will initialize the random counter and pop up a number between 1 and 10.  It is totally random using the built in randomizer in the coding.  {Rand({rollmin}:{rollmax})} .  We have no control over the odds of what number comes up.

Roll a 1 and you get the Legendary Weapon Crate.

Roll a 2 or 3 and you get the Epic Weapon Crate.

Roll a 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and you get the Standard Weapon Crate.

Weapon Crate Contents:

Standard: 10 Epic Weapons
Heavy Assault Rifle
M-77 Anti Tank Rifle

Laser Minigun
Assault Shotgun
Plasma Rifle
High Output Plasma Cannon

Elite Combat Pistol

Advanced Guided Rocket Launcher

Energy Pulse Rifle

Advanced Sub Machinegun


Epic Crate: Standard Crate + 10 RE/Advanced Guns
Plasma Blaster
Elite Assault Rifle
Advanced Minigun
Tactical Stealth Rifle

Eden Lightning Rifle

Eden Xcorp Plasma Rifle

Entropic Plasma Rifle

Incendiary Minigun

Syndicate Uzi

Super Shotgun

Legendary Crate: 20 guns total plus 2 WAG Tokens

Standard Crate Guns

Epic Crate Guns

1 WAG Weapon Token
1 WAG Tool Token

WAG Weapon Crate

  • Since the type of WAG Crate you will receive depends on your roll, it is imperitive that you wait for an admin to guide you through the process.  No rolls will count until an admin directs you to roll.  We will be very strict about this.  Have fun with it, but don't ruin it.  ;-)

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