WAG Tank

WAG Tank

If you like taking down POI's, then this is what you need.  

This thing is quick and nimble making it super easy to avoid those pesky rockets and lasers.
It also has all kinds of ammenities:

Full Med Stations
Repair Station
Armor Locker
2 Advanced Constructors
1 Deconstructor
O2 Station
Clone Chamber

Advanced Shield Generator (CV type)
Multi-Turret for harvesting
15 Turrets
9 Mounted weapons

You never have to leave the tank!  Has everything you need to serve as a mobild base/command center.

  • Guarantee

    This comes standard with 5x insurance against loss.  If you get destroyed for any reason, type /ins in chat to get another one instantly.

    There are also options for wipe insurance you can pick during your order.

    "Forever" insurance is just that.  You get to have that item forever, through all wipes that may occur.