WAG Stinger

WAG Stinger

Just when you thought we could not make anything more awesome than we already have....we did!

Introducing the WAG Stinger.  The best you can get in the Compact Fighter Utility Class!

It has everything!  All the WAG devices, and much more!

It is made entirelyl of WAG Blocks.  Those are custom blocks that have 0 weight and 10K HP!


WAG Stuff
Wag Shield (75K)
WAG Disruptor Cannons (40)
WAG Water Warp Drive (runs on water)

WAG Detector (opens up entire playfield)

4 WAG Furnaces

4 WAG Adv Constructors

2 WAG Deconstructors


Micro Stuff

6 food processors


Clone Chamber

Full Med Bay (all medical devices)

Health Chamber

Oxygen Chamber


Safety Spec

No open spaces, solid build

All thrusters surrounded by wag blocks

All oxygen tanks in different areas of the ship, surrounded by wag blocks

All fuel tanks in different areas of the ship surrounded by wag blocks.

No chain reaction explosions!


Lots of guns.


CV Drill Lasers


Retractible Multi-Turret

Retractible Drill-Turret


Center cockpit surrounded by air and wag blocks.  

Front cockpit for mining, exploring (with beautiful CV frameless window), also accessible from underneath for easy entry.


CV Thrusters


Drone Hatch


2 outside seats for carrying guests outside of your faction.  No altering needed.  They can just hop in and you fly away with them.


Blast doors in rear protected by a layer of wag blocks so you don't get smashed in the ass.


Much more.  You gotta see it all to appreciate it.  It has the best of every type of ship in a compact space that goes to full speed in 0.1 seconds.


Comes with 'Forever Insurance'.  Yours forever, even through wipes.


You want this ship.