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WAG has recently put hardware in a professionally run commercial Data Center!


The Data Center's Colocation Unit is operated by First Light. Check it out, they are fantastic.


This move has guaranteed our internet connectivity and uptime to 99.99%!
I use that number because there might be cases where I have to upgrade hardware etc.
and have to power down.  Other than that, it's 100% uptime and static bandwidth.

Being in a professionally run Data Center means that we have our machines in proper temp controlled environments with blazing fast static fiber as well as all the failsafes that come along with a professionally managed server environment.  DDOS protection and many many more things I won't go into detail about.

We are protected by an Ubiquiti - Unifi DreamMachine Pro as well serving as our firewall protection on top of what First Light does as well. 


The difference between using us over services like host havoc or nitrado etc, is that we don't stuff you into a GUI with limited access to your environment. This is the next best thing to a bare metal server.

You get full access to your server.  It's yours to do what you wish with.  I will help you get your game installed if needed (installed not set up...that's on you.  ;-)   ) You will have your own log in to the OS and passwords for access and connectivity.

You can access your server any time day or night via whatever remote access program you wish to you, such as Anydesk, DWService, VNC, etc.

If you are not sure how much "server" you need, email me and we can talk about your needs and see what solution would best fit you.

If you already know what game you intend to host, and this service fits your need, add to cart!


This option will typically run a single game with Medium to High (up to 16 or so players) population or 2 games with low to medium population. 

You could even do 3 games with low population for friends/family only.

Ideal for friends and family private gaming servers or a Public Gaming Server.


***Your results will vary depending on the game(s) of choice and how you set them up.***

Medium Server Plan:

  • $30 Per month
  • 8 Cores 32GB RAM
  • Full server (VM) Access via choice of Remote Desktop Tool
  • Pre-Installed Game(s) of choise. Ie, Empyrion, Ark, 7 Days to die...etc.
  • Login/Password Information for Windows Login

Server Configuration:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise (Activated)
  • HD Space: 250GB SSD
  • 1 Socket with 8 Cores (Sliced from Intel Xeon CPU Dual E-5-2697 v3 @ 2.6GHZ)
  • 32GB RAM (2133 MHz DDR4)

WAG Server Hosting Service - M

Price Options
WAG Medium Server
8 Cores 32GB RAM
$30.00every month until canceled
  • At this time, WAG does not currently have a paid service option or paid tech support option.

    WAG is not responsible for setting up your choice of games.

    WAG is not responsible for data loss.  We will help you, if needed, select the best method of backing up your data to the cloud.

    WAG is not responsible for troubleshooting your games performance.  If you open your resource monitor and your CPU usage is under 90% and your RAM usage is under 95%, the machine is doing its job, if not, definitely let us know and we can see what you need to solve the issue, be it more resources/another plan or game tweaks.

    WAG currently hosts 5 games with multiple varyations of said games using similar setups.  The resources alotted will work if properly set up.

    WAG does not provide tech support, we are a hosting service only.

    However, we are also not jerks.  If you are having some trouble and simply can't figure it out, you can send us a message via email or discord and I will do my best, or send one of my gaming admins to help you out, at least get you pointed in the right direction.

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