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We now have Portals in Conan!

These portals can be set up 3 ways, choose the kind you would like at checkout.

Admin can set to any color you like it to be at the time of creation.

Portal to the WAG Portal Room.  (This is set in your base and goes to the WAG Portal Room, where you can go to all the main spots on the map we have set up.)

1 way portal to anywhere.  (This is set at your base, and you choose where it goes). 

2 way portal to anywhere.  (This is set at your home and can go anywhere in the map you like, and you can return home through the portal as well.  It is set so that only you can use it, so strangers won't pop into your base.)  This is idea for your favorite mining spot, or thrall capturing spot, etc.

Note:  Portals placed out in the world will be placed in a spot that will be unobtrusive to other players.


WAG Portal

  • Portals cannot be destroyed, but if for any reason yours gets busted/lost/broken or whatever, we will fix/replace.

    The portals are for you, not your friends, etc.  They are whitelisted to your toon.  Cannot be set up for other players.

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