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Another addition to the WAG Nomad family.  The WAG Nomad Tank!

Yes, and HV...we are making HV's great again!

This baby is superb at total destruction.  It can level any POI in no time flat.  
If you want to be more surgical about it, you can turn off the turrets and use the WAG BFG's on board to precisely nail that core, then harvest all the goodies with the 5 Wicked Drills.

It's a beauty, looks like a tank, has WAG Blocks and Wicked Glass so it is strong like a tank.

Get yours today and own those planetary POI's.

All the WAG Weapons are included as well as the shield devices giving it a 400K shield and unlimited firepower.

Super low price considering all the WAG stuff in it.

WAG Nomad Tank

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