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Do you like to explore?
Do you like to explore without worry of attack?
Do you like to carry a couple small ships with you?
Do you like to be self sufficient in your CV?

If you answered yes to those questions, we have the ship for you.

We have takend the absolutely beautiful NSC Haven ARK ship from the workshop and did WAG magic to it.  It's a size class 19, and have EVERYTHING you need. 


400K Shields too!

Imagine all the WAG and Wicked stuff, in one massive CV that you can go explore the galaxy and not look back.  Firepower as well.  WAG Disruptors, yup.  WAG Torpedos, yup.  New RE weaponry, yup.

This things blows up the bad guys with ease.

There is a copy that is open for touring at Haven, go have a look!

Contains WAG Kit

WAG Kit includes the following:

  • WAG Thrusters
  • WAG Generators
  • WAG Shield
  • WAG Shield Devices
  • WAG Warp Drive
  • WAG Water Tank
  • WAG Detector
  • WAG Furnaces
  • WAG Constructors
  • WAG Deconstructors
  • WAG Disruptor Cannons (10 SV / 20 CV)
  • WAG Lance
  • WAG Swarm Rockets
  • WAG Torpedo Launchers
  • Alien Core


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