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When you don't want to build a base and just go explore the universe, you need a ship that can do everything to sustain your existence.  We got you.

Unlike the mothership of the WAG Nomad family, the WAG Nomad Ark; this CV is nice and mid sized to make it easy to get around it.  This will also fit on your WAG Nomad Ark, should you have you can travel with both.

Contains the WAG Kit and more.

All the WAG and Wicked Stuff to make your life great.

We have included the new weapons too!  So here is a breakdown of the weaponry.

2 Artillery cannons in the nose for punching cores.
10 MX-4 Raid Torpedo Launchers.
20 WAG Disruptor Turrets
8 WAG EMP Cannons
4 WAG Torpedo Launchers
4 WAG Lance
6 WAG Swarm Turrets

Has 12 Hydroponics Bays (1 of each kind needed to make food)

Wicked Windows for extra protection.
WAG Blocks for super hard hulls.

So if you're looking to go explore, carry a couple ships, and be able to live on your CV, here it is.



WAG Kit includes the following:

  • WAG Thrusters
  • WAG Generators
  • WAG Shield
  • WAG Shield Devices
  • WAG Warp Drive
  • WAG Water Tank
  • WAG Detector
  • WAG Furnaces
  • WAG Constructors
  • WAG Deconstructors
  • WAG Disruptor Cannons (10 SV / 20 CV)
  • WAG Lance
  • WAG Swarm Rockets
  • WAG Torpedo Launchers
  • Alien Core

WAG Nomad Explorer

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