WAG Nephalem

WAG Nephalem

You've seen the brothers Grimm...Ultimatum and Warrant.  Well, news traveled back to their homeland and word got to their big sister that there are many ships out here in our galaxy to lay to waste.

Knowing how she loves a good fight, she fired up her thrusters and warped over.

She is here and she is moody as hell.  One side is angelic, and her other side demonic.  You decide which side you want to be on.  Both are devastating.

She is equipped with all you would expect from a CV....and so much more.  
She truly is a mobile base that can kill anything.


Alien Core - Never need fuel or oxygen
Low Profile - makes for a harder target
2 Furnaces so you can cook on the go as you mine.
108 Plot Farm
6 Advanced Constructors
12 Small Constructors

2 Deconstructors
6 Laser Drills
1 Tool Turret

Flies and handles like a SV.  Super manueverable.


Includes Forever Wipe Insurance
Includes 5x damage insurance


*Options at checkout*
WAG Water Warp Drive - runs on water, not pentaxid

Disruptor Cannon Pack - 10 cannons and 5K ammo
Disruptor Cannon Ammo Pack - 5K ammo for the D cannons.