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Welcome to the WAG Coast Customs Creative Garage!

You've seen the WAG devices here and there throughout the galaxy right?  
I bet you've noticed that if you want them all, you gotta open up your wallet pretty wide.

Not today!

Turn your ship over to the WAG Nerd Ernicus Maximus and have him WAG your Ride!

Here is what is included:

Standard Service:
1 Alien Core
1 WAG Warp Drive

1 WAG Shield
2 WAG Furnaces
1 WAG Detector
10 WAG Disruptor Cannons
6 WAG Torpedo Cannons

1 season wipe insurance

Standard Service cost per piece would be $115.
By selecting this service, you can have all this done to your ship for a mere $50 donation.

Your can go into our creative server and add this list yourself to your ship, or have Ernicus do it.

Additional Options:
WAG Block Conversion - $50  (converts your entire ship to wag blocks.  20K blocks with 0 weight)
2 Furnace pack - $10
1 ATM - $5


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