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You get Wicked Awesome VIP in all of our games, forever.


Our Lifetime VIP Membership is the creme of the crop.
YOU will be directly responsible for providing funds to help keep the server going!
Your Discord name is highlighted as a Lifetime VIP Member.

We cannot thank you enough for your desire to do so.
But, we can give you a lot of cool stuff!

Your Lifetime VIP comes with many benefits.
You will get the standard VIP benefits in ALL games.
Depending on the game you are playing, you will get added bonus for that game.
Check out VIP section in our Discord for the game and see what it all entails.
It is constantly having things added, so check often.

Other benefits include things like:
Massive Solar System in Empyrion
Huge Beautiful Castle in 7Days
Building supplies for ARK to make a badass base.
Daily pulls in game for extra supplies.
Monthly Pulls in game for extra supplies.
Special Gear
VIP only contests and giveaways of merch.

Much more.  So check it out!

WAG Lifetime VIP

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