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New to the universe, the WAG Enforcer!

You may recognize the looks of the old Valkyrie, with some WAG modifications.
We've brought this ship back from the dead and made it a force to be reckoned with!

Take charge of the universe with the WAG Enforcer!

Special stuff n things:
10K HP wicked glass in the cockpit to protect you.
4 WAG Furnaces
4 WAG Constructors
4 WAG Decons
CV thrusters mixed with WAG Thrusters
WAG Shield
WAG Warp
WAG Generators
WAG Distruptor cannons
WAG Torpedo Launchers
Wicked Armor Locker
Wicked ATM
Wicked Gravity Generator
Wicked Blast Doors.  10KHP
Wicked Clone Chamber
Micro Med Stations
Food Processor
WAG Blocks!!!  10K HP blocks.  


Comes with WAG Kit!


WAG Kit includes the following:

  • WAG Thrusters
  • WAG Generators
  • WAG Shield
  • WAG Shield Devices
  • WAG Warp Drive
  • WAG Water Tank
  • WAG Detector
  • WAG Furnaces
  • WAG Constructors
  • WAG Deconstructors
  • WAG Disruptor Cannons (10 SV / 20 CV)
  • WAG Lance
  • WAG Swarm Rockets
  • WAG Torpedo Launchers
  • Alien Core

WAG Enforcer

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