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So you might have noticed that once you hit level 25, you don't have enough Upgrade Points in your Tech Tree to get all the good stuff unlocked.  Welcome to Reforged Eden.  :-)

You have to complete missions to unlock the rest, and that is a major grind.

We here at WAG know there are times you hate the grind, so our nerds invented the WAG Data Token!

1 WAG Data Token will get you 5,000 Upgrade Points.

You will need at least 25,000 Points or 5 WAG Data Tokens to fully unlock your Tech Tree, starting from scratch.  You will need to use that guide to assess your individual needs.

Maybe you just need some to unlock a certain thing or things, not necessarily all.  That's cool too, we know some of you still like some of the grind.

You can purchase just 1 to get you through a tough spot, or buy enough to unlock the whole damned Tech Tree.  It's all up to you!


Set the Qty during check out for multiple Tokens, or buy the 5 Token Pack and save money!
*5 Token Pack will be enough to unlock the entire Tech Tree


Once you purchse your token(s), and an admin gets them to you in game, take them to WAGMart.  In the Trader room is the Wicked Awesome Terminal.  Access that terminal to turn in your WAG Data Token to redeem your Points.


WAG Data Token

  • Take your WAG Data Token(s) to WAGMart.
    In the Trading wing is the Wicked Awesome Terminal.
    Access that terminal and trade in your tokens to receive your points.

  • There is no insurance option for this product.  
    These tokens and points are only good per season/wipe.

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