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Like mining asteroids, but wish you could do it faster?  Well, now you can.

Don't bother with that turret, sure it's nice...but using this baby, you just point, click, and kick butt.

18 CV Mining Lasers do the job better than anything I've seen to date.  She is quick, small, and nimble.  Has most amenities you'd need, including a full med setup.

She's got an advanced warp drive, so you can go 1000 LY at a time.  
She's got a shield.

She's got guns, but she's also not a fighter...they are to protect you so you can run.  She's fast.


Did I say she has 18 Drills?  If not, here let me tell you...she's got 18 Drills.

She chews through asteroids faster than an old lady gummin on some chicken wings.  

WAG CV Miner

  • This purchase is a "forever" purchase.  As long as you play on our server, you will always have this.  Guaranteed through wipes.

    ***Not guaranteed for loss in PVP battles***

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