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I see you out there, you weapon fanatics.  You like the big guns, well my friend...we have a treat for you.

Part of the recent update introduced the big ass railgun for CV's.  Well, we here at the WAG lab thought about it, and we decided that having them on only CV's just wasn't good enough.  Not only that, we decided being limited to 1 was silly.  Especially if you want a gun on each side of your ship for looks.  Am I rite?

So, here you go kids....the WAG BFG.

Limite per ship = 2
Can go on any ship. (CV, SV, HV)
10K HP
Increased rate of fire to 1.5, down from 2.25
Increased ammo capacity to 20, up from 6.  (reloads less often)
Decreased reload delay from 6 to 3
Increased Range to 1K, up from 800m (space)
Allowed to use on planets now, not only space. (so ya...poke holes in those POI's)

This weapon kit comes with not 1 but 2 BFG's.

Enjoy my friends.


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