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She don't look like much, but trust me...if you like to use a bow...this is the one you want.

This baby has a tripple shot action!  Yeah, you'll go through some arrows, so prepare for that.  But your foes will look like porcupines when you're done with them.

Includes a stack (1000) Unholy Ice Arrows.  Currently this setup is best in game.  Some might argue that...but let them.  ;-)

Includes 100 Legendary Repair Kits and 1,000 Unholy Ice Arrows as well as Forever Insurance.

Unholy Ice Bow

  • If you bought the Highborne Bow last season, it is no longer available.  Put in a ticket and you will receive this bow as a replacement.  It's a hell of an upgrade to the if we thought there could be one.  :-)

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