The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm

Tired of getting your butt kicked by dreds and infectors?  Want to finally have the scaled tipped in your favor?  These bad boys get it done.

They are pretty much a mobile base, packed into a SV.  It has everything but plants.  Must see under the hood to believe.

The Ultimatum is the "bad boy" of the pair.  He is all about attitude and fighting, a true scrapper.
The Warrant is the Marine of the pair, sitting back patiently...plotting to kill anyone he meets.

The Warrant has a tool turret and more drills for mining, making him more of a utility fighter...and he can definitely hold his own and take out damn near anything.

You can buy one or both. Save $20 when you get both.  See options below.


Included as well is 5x insurance claim against damage or loss in battle.

Both come standard with an Alien Core and Forever Wipe Insurance.  It's yours for life.