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Tired of getting your butt kicked by dreds and infectors?  Want to finally have the scaled tipped in your favor?  This bad boy get it done.

This is pretty much a mobile base, packed into a SV.  It has everything but plants.  Must see under the hood to believe.

He is all about attitude and fighting, a true scrapper.

Has a Wicked Awesome Drills for mining, salvaging, and repairing,  making him more of a utility fighter...and he can definitely hold his own and take out damn near anything.

Comes with the WAG Kit!


WAG Kit includes the following:

  • WAG Thrusters
  • WAG Generators
  • WAG Shield
  • WAG Shield Devices
  • WAG Warp Drive
  • WAG Water Tank
  • WAG Detector
  • WAG Furnaces
  • WAG Constructors
  • WAG Deconstructors
  • WAG Disruptor Cannons (10 SV / 20 CV)
  • WAG Lance
  • WAG Swarm Rockets
  • WAG Torpedo Launchers
  • Alien Core

WAG Ultimatum

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