Do you like busting up POI's?  Would you like a tank to help you do that?  This is the one you want for the job.  Combat ready; protection, performance, utilities.  Everything you need in a tank built to destroy POI's.


The hull is built with layered combat steel offering strong defense and able to take a lot of abuse. It is said the entire front of the tank could be destroyed and still operate close to normal. It is generally thick armored thru out with it's weakest point being the bottom and strongest point being the front end.

It has maximum allow allowed weapons in standard game rules set up for unblocked line of site from all turrets attacking forward. Beyond turrets it also has 6 separated gatling guns, shield, and plenty of ammo storage. It also includes two retractable multi-turrets and 2 passenger seats.

The tank has an internal secure cockpit also made with combat steel keeping the operator safe unless near total destruction of the vehicle.

Survival features:

It comes with 9.5K ammo storage, 11K harvest storage, and 4K standard storage + 1 cargo box. It has Wifi, detector, drone hatch, o2 and dispenser, armor locker, constructor, fridge, 2 passenger seats, clone chamber, and med bay. It also has two retractable multi-turrets and exterior spot lights (Controlled via P menu)

Features Summary:

1. CPU Tier 4, Size Class 2, Player unlock level 20
2. Multiple layered combat steel hull, max weapons in standard game rules
3. Heavy strafing thrust, secure 3rd person cockpit (only), pet rock crow but flew off.
4. Wifi, Detector, Fridge, O2 and dispenser, constructor, armor locker, Medbay, clone chamber
5. 9.5K ammo storage, 11K harvest storage, 4K regular storage, drone hatch
6. Fits in 9x5 hangar door. Also designed to be used the Skaar-Sky Runner-T3.
7. P menu controls for engaging Multi-turrets and spot lights.

  • Insurance

    This product comes with a 5 use insurance policy.

    Once you claim the item, you will then have 5 additional uses to reclaim/repair the item accessed using the /claim system in-game.