Skaar Ravager

Skaar Ravager

(CV CPU Tier 4, Class 21, Unlock Level 25, Version 1.x)
(Skaar Faction)

Roles: Carrier, Destroyer , Farm, Storage, Large Hanger bay, Production,Defense, Shield,Warp, Teleporter, OPV

(The Hanger Bay is now airtight!)

8 Adv & 4 Sml constructors
8 320K containers, 320K ammo, 320K harvest
Specialized docking space for jrandall's Skaar Raider
2x1x1 Shuttle bay
Mining turrets,
Fully armed
Hardened steel hull

Change log:
Fixed the Farm & Bridge, There now airtight.
Added names for container controllers.
Changed Hanger to Hanger Bay.
Added blast door to drone hatch.
Fixed Hanger door sensor bug.

After almost 100 hours of hard work and detailing, I present to you, the Skaar Ravager.
The Skaar didn't have a Late game CV besides the Raider and the upcoming Cerebus Refit But neither Are massive, so I built this. The shuttle in the photos is also on the workshop (Skaar-Droid). Thanks for the thumbnail jrandall!

Credits: Container Controller LCDs Are from jrandall's Skaar Raider. (The rest of them I made myself :)
Some of the screenshots contain ships made by jrandall, and Xcaliber (all other ships except the Skaar Droid.

  • Options

    Comes standard with a standard core and Insurance x5 against damage loss.  (This does not cover customizations.  It's stock).

    Wipe insurance x 1 (Covers a replacement ship through one wipe)

    Forever Insurance (Covers a replacement ship through all wipes)

    Alien Core (admin installed alien core provide free fuel and oxygen)

    Customization Insurance (covers all customizations when using insurance claim.  You must notify an admin to come save a copy of your ship after you make alterations.)