Like to fly up to a POI and own it?  Here you go.


Primary roles: Combat SV, Warp, Shield, Utility, Drone Hatch, Storage

The Skaar Glaive-T4 is a combat SV meant to engage POI's and other encounters. The design puts the cockpit towards the rear of the ship while having layered armor on the front and in other places. Besides 3 sets of standard SV guns, it also has 6 minigun turrets embedded in the front of the ship for maximum fire output when engaging targets in front. It also has some powerful thrust and is able to strafe well for it's size and weight. The front end is designed to be completely destroyed and the ship will still operate. Another feature is having a 3200 HP centered lift thruster in front of the interior. This thruster can be destroyed and the ship still has additional lift thrusters.

Offense and Defense

The hull is built with hardened steel and can be many layers thick especially around the front end. It comes with 6 gatling guns, 4 homing rocket launchers, 4 plasma launchers, and 6 minigun turrets, with 8K ammo storage and a shield.

Survival Features:
If comes with 2 passenger seats, constructor, 16K storage, O2 and station, armor locker, warp core, shield, 1st person rear placed cockpit with interior access, wifi, detector, fridge, and 3 additional cargo boxes. It also has exterior spotlights and a drone hatch (P menu controls to turn off and on)

Features Summary:

1. SV CPU Tier 4, Size Class 2, Player unlock level 20
2. Hardened steel hull, multiple layers on front
3. 6 Minigun turrets, 6 gatling guns, 4 homing rocket launchers, 4 plasma launchers, 8K ammo storage
4. Shield, warp core, wifi, detector
5. Constructor, o2 and station, armor locker, fridge, 16K storage, 3 cargo boxes
6. 2 Passengers seats, drone hatch and exterior spotlights (P menu control)
7. Decent speed and handling with extra lift and strafing thrust.

  • Insurance

    This product comes with a 5 use insurance policy.  Not valid for loss during a PVP battle.