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These are the crem de la creme of weaponry in V Rising. 

Currently not craftable in game, only available via admin drops.
Weapons are also used as tools.  See below for descriptions.

Pick the item you want from the list below at checkout for $9.99.
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7 piece set for $49.99, you save 20 bucks when grabbing the set.

The List of the Weapons is the following:

  • Sword.
  • Spear. (My favorite)
  • Axe. (Dual Wield)
  • Reaper.
  • Slasher. (Dual Wield)
  • Mace.
  • Crossbow. (Has AOE attack as well)


All these weapons have two unique abilities that are used to make plays and deal damage to the enemies. The abilities cover AoE attacks and different slashing attacks. All these weapons have different Combo percentages per second that deals Physical Damage to enemies.


  • Sword has a Combo attack of 35%/ 35%/ 40%.
  • Spear has a Combo attack of 40%/ 40%/ 50%.
  • Axe has a Combo attack of 45%/ 45%/ 55%.
  • Reaper has a Combo attack of 50%/ 50%/ 60%.
  • Slasher has a Combo attack of 27.5%/ 27.5%/ 35%.
  • Mace has a Combo attack of 50%/ 50%/ 60%.
  • Crossbow has a Combo attack of 110%.


Sword is also used for Vegetation

Axe is also used for Wood

Mace is also used for Mining.
Slasher is also used for Vegetation.

These weapons are used to gather resources from the world.

Shadow Weapons - A La Carte

  • There is no sharing of purchased items.  This leads to them breaking sooner and requiring them to be replaced sooner; creating more of an administrative overhead than we like to have.  
    You are buying the item(s) for you to use, not others.

  • If a weapon breaks, contact an admin in game or do a ticket in Discord.
    The admin will swap out the broken item for a new one. 
    You must have the broken one to exchange.

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