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We have a star names WAG Private Planets.  

When you get your private planet mid season, you get one of the existing planets that are not taken.
If you opt for insurance, upon next wipe, we will convert the existing planet to your own named planet in that sector.

Your planet is your safe haven.  No bad guys.  It also has 1 Super large ore deposit of each basic ore type.  You'll never run out of ore.

In your planets orbit, you have a repair station and your own Private Station Services.

Private Planet

  • This planet is yours until the next season wipe.  A season wipe is when we plan a wipe for new content or a refesher.  

    If there is a wipe due to a fault in the game, we will get you another planet as it was not an intended wipe.

    You can purchase "Wipe Insurance" for an additional $25.  This means your planet is yours forever, regardless of any kind of wipe.

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