Private Solar System

Private Solar System

How would you like to have your own Private Solar System?  Well, you can.  When you purchase this product, we will lock down a Solar System of your choosing that is currently in game.  Then we will work together to define what you want in your Customized version that will be available after the next wipe.  See the images.  Provide us with the names you'd like to have and we will create it.  Usually same day, baring any issues.


Due to the current structure of the game which do not allow for alterations post wipe, all personalizations will take place on the next seasonal wipe or wipe created by an update from the game.

I pre-loaded 1,000 galaxies in the UCH territory, the large blue spehere on the galaxy map.  You can opt to go find a Solar System there to stay close to the WAG Solar System, or you can venture out and find one anywhere in the universe.


We will then drop some bases down for you, if you like, and get you all set up for success with fuel, oxy, ammo, etc.  

When the next seasonal wipe comes, I will then add your personalized names to your galaxy and you can even tell me where you'd like it to be...anywhere in the universe!

This is a forever purchase, even through wipes.  It's your galaxy for as long as you play on our server.  Take a break and play Ark, cool.  When you come back, it's still there.