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Want to add stats to your favorite weapon or piece of armor?  
Don't want to grind out all those enchanting mats?
We got you.

When you buy this service, we will enchant the piece you want with a Legendary tier Enchant.
***Note:  we can't control the RNG of the enchanting process***

We will do this 5x.  After the 1st time, we will tell you what the new value would be.  You can then opt to keep that value, or try again.  We will do this up to 5x.  It is RNG.  If you skip one and decide later to go back, there is no going back.  We can only click the button and see what comes up.

Hopefully out of 5 attempts, you get a stat you like.

You can opt to get some in bulk in the options.  1, 5, or 10.

Legendary Enchanting

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