Forever Wipe Insurance Included.


Fresh from the workshop of JRandall's Alien Collection.

The Kriel Overseer War Carrier is a large battle hardened capital ship with just about everything a CV can offer but at a high cost and class size. It is a mix of a large carrier and battleship providing strong offense and defense combined with a very large hangar.


Survival Features:It comes with a 135 grow plot farm, 6x320K storage, 260K harvest storage, and 72K ammo storage.


It has 6 advanced constructors, med bay with all specialized equipment, armor lockers and repair, many fridges and food processors, crew rooms, 2 deck massive hanger area with specialized drop and maintenance bays, a 1st and 3rd person bridge, temple, engineering areas, and other places to check out.


It also features a shield, warp core, 5 Wifi locations for complete coverage, and a overseer's quarters reserve fuel rooms, lots of open space for adding extra equipment, a temple area with a hive mind quantum link (lore only).


Offense and Defense:

The ship is built with a 2 layer thickness standard of combat armor with some lag shot blocks but thicker in critical places. It comes stock with the maximum allowed guns and turrets in standard game rules offering solid defense around the ship and heavy offense.


The ship has 2 bridges. One 1st person bridge at the front of the ship, another secure bridge in a more central location. The main control room (switches and options) are located in the secure bridge.


Special features:

The ships layout has 2 central elevators keeping survival needs in a central area to minimize walking. However the ship is very large and getting to some areas of the ship can take a bit of walking time, but those areas typically will not need to be visited.


It also has 4 crew rooms and a larger overseer quarters (Captains quarters).Features Summary:1. CV Class 19, unlock level 25, CPU Tier 42. Double layer combat armor hull thicker in places with lag shot blocks.3. Maximum allowed turrets and guns allowed in game rules4.


1st and 3rd person secure bridge/control room5. CV Mining and 260K harvest storage6. Shield, warp core, wifi, compartmentalized o2 and stations7.


Heavy lift thrust and 6x320K storage + 72K ammo storage8. Enormous 2 deck hangar with extra specialized drop and maintenance bays.9.


Med Bay with all specialized equipment10. 135 Grow plot farm with 3 lane control switches11. 2 Engineering areas and 2 alternative hardened core location positions12. 4 crew rooms + overseers quarters13.


Temple, reserve fuel storage rooms14. Sensor based lights, doors, ramps15. Areas with lots of extra space for placing anything you want16. Standard flight mode and high performance mode.17.


Repair bay and console