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Need a solid Carrier to carry your fleet and explore the galaxy?  Here it is.  Oldie but goodie, solid construction, small carrier type with tons of room.  Everything you need to live and craft.



Hangar - The pass thru hangar consumes the entire bottom of the ship from front to back. It features a deluxe crafting area with 4 advanced constuctors as well as plently of storage + every other quality of life survival feature. It also contains a repair bay and twin elevators to reach the upper levels of the ship. To keep the player level unlock at 15, I used a T1 repair bay rather than a t2. Feel free to swap this out.

Farm - The farm is located on the main flight deck featuring 108 grow plots in two rows. Also in the farm area you will find more fidges and food processors as well as a full featured med bay.

Bridge/crew quarters - The bridge features two passenger seats, switch controls for exterior lights, retractable turrets, and thruster/RCS as well as direct access to the crew quarters.

Engineering - This ship has no deticated engineering area. Instead, parts are placed thru out the ship in out of the way places but also visible. For instance you will find a warp core, offline protection, and a gravity generator in the farm level, generators, fuel, RCS, and o2 in the hangar area. This was done to maximize space and reduce costs.

Offense/Defense - This ship is only defensive in nature. It features 10 retractable turrets (canon) and 5 sentry guns to give 360 degree basic defense. The sentry guns are lower and meant to protect the 4 hangar door areas from ground threats. It does not have any rocket or pulse guns. It also has an unused turret mount on top of the ship. The hull is built with hardened steel with some plastic interior deco/walls.

Features Summary

1. CV class 5, player level unlock 15, 7 hour build time, inexpensive for function.
2. Massive pass thru hangar with and flight deck
3. 108 grow plot farm
4. 10 retractable cannon turrets, 5 sentry guns, 1 addition turret mount point
5. Sensor based lighting and control switchs for main functions.
6. Deluxe hangar side crafting area with 4 advanced constructors + everything else needed.
7. Fuel effcient and fairly quick with lots of fuel and o2 storage.
8. Med bay/crew quarters
9. Warp drive
10. Compartmentalized o2
11. T1 repair bay (feel free to upgrade to T2)
12. Efficient layout to provide minimal walking to get around


Comes with the WAG Kit!


WAG Kit includes the following:

  • WAG Thrusters
  • WAG Generators
  • WAG Shield
  • WAG Shield Devices
  • WAG Warp Drive
  • WAG Water Tank
  • WAG Detector
  • WAG Furnaces
  • WAG Constructors
  • WAG Deconstructors
  • WAG Disruptor Cannons (10 SV / 20 CV)
  • WAG Lance
  • WAG Swarm Rockets
  • WAG Torpedo Launchers
  • Alien Core

WAG Hecate

  • This product comes with 5 Insurance claim uses.  Use them by typing /claim in chat and selecting the Insurance option.

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