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So you have ammassed yourself a nice fleet, and you love to play on our server. 

When wipe time comes, now what?  Well, insuring your fleet on a 'per ship' basis might get expensive, as the standard wipe insurance for ships is $24.99.

No worries!  We have a plan just for you.

Introducing "Fleet Wipe Insurance".

This service will guarantee you get to keep all your ships in your fleet forever, through however many wipes we have to do in the years to come.   Even if you take a break from the game for a while.   As soon as you come back to play, we will spawn your fleet in for you.

Take advantage of this great cost saving opportunity today!

Fleet Wipe Insurance

  • This service is to cover your entire fleet, no matter how many ships you have.

    If you already have insurance on a ship or two in your fleet, there will be no refunds or reduction in price for this service.

    This will also cover any ships you add to your fleet in coming seasons.  No need to ever buy insurance again, once you have this coverage.

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