Father Grimm

Father Grimm

You need a fleet hauler for the Brothers Grimm and their sister Nephalem?  Daddy heard you, and he came to help.

Introducing Father Grimm.  He is the ultimate faction fleet hauler.  Load him up and take on anything in the galaxy.

He can hold 4-8 Ultimatums and/or Warrants.  Nephalem can dock on top.

The ship is designed to haul a fleet.  Each quadrant contains everything needed to sustain life forever.  It is set up to hold individual fireteams in each quadrant.  

Here is what each quadrant holds. (Not all the stuff, too much to list.  Just the important things.)

2 Furnaces
2 Deconstructors

4 Advanced Constructors

Full Med Bay

Passenger Seats w/corresponding cargo boxes for personal storage while on a mission.


Total Ship Goodies:

WAG Shield (60K shield capacity)
8 WAG Furnaces
16 Advanced Constructors

8 Deconstructors

1 Advanced Repair Bay

32 Food Processors

64 Fridges

1 Teleporter

324 Grow Plots (81 Per Quadrant)

168 Turrets (Broken down as follows:)
  16 Zirax Artillery Turrets

  16 Heavy Torpedo Launchers

  16 WAG Disruptor Cannons

  32 Zirax Pulse Laser Turrets

  48 Zirax Plasma Turrets

  40 Zirax Missle Turrets


Take advantage of the *New Listing* price.  WAG Furnaces are $25 for 2 and the WAG shield is a $25 item.  You are getting $125 worth of great stuff for FREE!!!

Included is 5x damage/loss insurance, Forever Wipe Insurance, and an Alien Core.

  • Insurance

    Forever Wipe Insurance is included.  This means that this ship is yours for as long as you play on our server.  If we ever have to wipe, you will be given a new ship after the wipe.  No charge.

  • Damage Insurance

    Standard on all ship purchases is 5x damage insurance.  This is handled in game, by you.  If you ever get damage or loss, type /ins in chat and you can claim insurance.  

    When you claim insurance, it will automatically delete your ship and respawn a new one in its place. 

    This process will not save what is in your boxes.  It is recomended to remove all items, fuel, pentaxid, ammo, etc. before you do an insurance claim.