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Choose from any of the 3 colors for this sweet armor! 
This is the same armor those nasty undead Valks wear...level the playing field against them!

Armor Value = ~ 3180 Silver/Gold   3490 Purple
STR/Agi/Vita/Acc/Stam = 10/10/20/0/10
Set Effect = Valkyrian Blessing (Increases climb, movement and swim speed by 15% and removes Corruption passivily + Crystal Regeneration 2 points of healing every second)

If you intend to do sorcery that requires corruption, you will need to carry another set of armor for doing sorcery.  This set effect cleanses corruption.  It is fine to use for sorcery that does not need corruption, the good kind.  

Click on the photo to expand it to see full view.

FallenValkyrie Armor

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