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You want a safe space to build stuff and things?
We got you covered.  

Get your very own crafting apartment in the newly built WAG Tower!

Limited apartments available, until I craft another tower.  Get yours before they run out.


Protected - Zombies can't get in
17 Furnaces
13 Cement Mixers
2 WAG Benches
2 Workbenches
3 Chemistry Stations
4 Working Ovens
4 WAG Grills
2 Deco Benches
2 Fridges
2 Working Sinks
1 Soda Fountain
1 Commercial Coffee maker
Access to safe parking inside tower for your vehicles.
Lots of storage - 46 WAG Drawers (huge capacity)
Access to Generator for Power (filled with must refill)
Pre Wired for light
Gotta See it to appreciate it.  Safe and Secure.  Ultimate workshop.

Comes with Forever Insurance - Persistent through wipes.  Yours forever.

Crafting Apartment -Furnished

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