All 'Ore' Nothing

All 'Ore' Nothing

Ok, ok....I get it.  Tired of shooting space lazers at space rocks.  You just wanna make some ammo and fly around the vast universe in your awesome new ship.  We got you covered.  This is the pack that made Neil Armstrong famous.  Believe me, it's true...ask'll see.

25K of all basic Ore types in game, and a Bonus of the Rares. 

So, put that in your carbog box and smelt it.

Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Neodymium, Silicon, Erestrum, Zascosium, Sathium, Magnesium.

Bonus -

1000 Gold

1000 Raw Pentaxid

1000 Titanium

1000 Promethium

1000 Alluminum

500 Platinum